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Our company has spent almost a decade developing and researching our custom-built worm farms, earthworm products such as vermicompost and worm wee or vermileachate, and their application to farming operations. We continually improve our methods and product offerings, and manufacture worm farms of all sizes and for all applications. These range from domestic to commercial use and to large-scale farms in agriculture. We can supply most worm farm components and advise on production best practices. Wizzard Worms also provide comprehensive instructions on the construction,com missioning, harvesting and maintenance of worm farms, and the application and use of liquid worm wee (plantonic) and vermicompost produced. We are also happy to provide Quotations and Proposals when so requested. Our company has benefited from assistance received from Cedara Agricultural College, The Sugar Research Station and the University of KwaZulu-Natal, and our products and services thus have a sound intellectual foundation.


236 York Street, Greytown, Kwa Zulu Natal
Greytown, Kwazulu-Natal 3250
South Africa


  • The following products for sale:
  • Worms
  • General Purpose Worm Farms
  • Domestic Kitchen Worm Farm
  • Vermicomposter Worm Farm
  • Mini Commercial Unit
  • Home and Garden Worm Farm


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