Vertical Veg (Pty) Ltd


Vertical Veg (Pty) Ltd is a Cape Town based manufacturer of pocket panels for growing plants vertically on any wall surface. The panels are made from a durable, yet flexible geotextile fabric, and designed with generous-sized pockets for healthy root systems. The panels are backed with a thick plastic so the wall is protected when watering the plants and walls require no prior preparation in this regard. Webbing and eyelets help to maintain the shape and make installation easy. The installed panels can be incorporated into existing irrigation systems or can be individually fitted with one to make maintenance easier. Many sizes available in stock but we can custom-make to fit your space. We also sell fabric plant pots that catch the drip off the wall and facilitate the growing of bigger and heavier plants that can't grow on a wall


4 Montague rd, Bergvliet
Cape Town, Western Cape 7945
South Africa

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+27 82 720 5437

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