Senior Horticulturist Stellenbosch University Botanical Gardens


In addition to curating a substantial collection of interesting and diverse flora from habitats all over the world, the SU Botanical Garden will be pursuing local Cape and South African conservation objectives as part of its commitment as an active member of the Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI): Plant and habitat conservation advocacy and education especially making compelling links between our displays and information and that of the landscapes of the region, including the larger South Africa within a conservation context; Innovative and strategic projects achieving outcomes in plant conservation practice, education and policy. In particular, we will be targeting ex situ population propagation and restoration of a focused selection of extremely at-risk Cape or South African plant species; Building plant outreach and conservation capacity - acting as a knowledge hub and a clearing house for best practice, training, resources and expertise. Duties: Propagating and growing a wide range of potentially difficult species using evidence-based propagation and care protocols for our existing diverse collection and future conservation objectives; Producing and updating protocols and printed and online literature and experiments as required; Accessioning, updating and managing plant records on the garden’s botanical collection database; Supporting the curator in quality control and coordinating the tasks of garden staff, interns and volunteers; Hands on involvement with daily garden tasks such as propagating, growing, inspecting, watering, fertilising and pest control, and any other garden-related tasks; Lending administrative support as required, e.g. ordering supplies, equipment, etc.; Assisting with developing and compiling translation and communication materials; Assisting with conservation work, from information and communication, to propagation and in-field plant material collection; Limited management and interaction with the public, including group visits and plant sales; Collaborating with partners and conservation agencies. Job Requirements: A degree in botany or conservation, or an ecology background or equivalent and proven experience in plant growing or restoration, even on a skilled hobby basis; OR a degree in horticulture with some proven landscape conservation training or experience; The ability to undertake research, apply and record often obscure and specialist propagation and care protocols for wild plants; Strong conservation and ecological understanding of the Cape landscape, and the ability to contribute to and support strategic conservation interventions; A sound knowledge of plant diversity and identification in general and the Cape and South African flora in particular, with field experience; A systematic and methodical approach to work; The ability to interact with the general public and with staff, both from very diverse backgrounds; Good written and interpersonal communication skills; Good computer literacy; A love for plants. A postgraduate qualification or MTech in botany or conservation/ecology background, OR a postgraduate qualification or MTech in horticulture; Experience propagating and/or growing/caring for a wide range of plant species, particularly those with difficult or unusual requirements; Training and track record in simple research protocols and analysis; Willingness and ability to develop and maintain sustainable and environmentally friendly approaches to plant care and propagation; Bilingual in any of the following languages: English/Afrikaans/isiXhosa. Please apply online. The external link to our vacancy portal and the direct link to the Senior Horticulturist vacancy is as follows: • Vacancy portal address: • Direct link to the vacancy: Should you experience any difficulties with our website please contact Ms Chandré de Vos: or tel. 021-8084542


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