Post-grad students wanted - for a year-internship


Stellenbosch Botanical Gardens are looking for some post-grad students to do a year-internship funded by either SAASTA or AgriSETA. They are looking for candidates for 2019. Suitable fields of qualifications: primarily Horticulture, then Botany, Conservation, Biology, Education. Qualifications for: Post-grad (preferably with Hons. and MSc degrees). A short description of their duties: - Management of digital plant collections database - Curation of specialist plant collections, including interpretation - Management of educational programs - Help with conservation programs, including potential field collecting Stipends vary between R4500 – R6500 p/m. Please contact them for application and for further details.


Viola Calitz

Phone: 021 808 3054


Stellenbosch Botanical Gardens

Stellenbosch Botanical Gardens

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The Botanical Garden is located in the historical center of Stellenbosch and is the oldest university botanical garden in South Africa.


Stellenbosch Botanical Gardens
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