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The Reishi is a polypore mushroom that is soft, corky and flat. The cap looks like it has been red-vanished and is kidney-shaped and grows to 8 centimeters across. The underside of the cap has white pores that contain fine brown spores. The Reishi grows at the base and stumps of deciduous trees, especially the maple tree.

The Chinese call this medicinal mushroom "Mushroom of Immortality", Ling-zhi - the "Supernatural Mushroom". No matter where you search for information regarding Reishi, the consensus is always the same - no matter what the ailment, this mushroom should be your first choice in herbal remedy.

Is it coincidental that Reishi, the most powerful medicinal mushroom on this planet, is also the easiest to grow?

Reishi Antlers  Reishi Antlers  Reishi Antlers

Growing Reishi at home is incredibly exciting! Their shear beauty is astounding. It needs a cool environment, clean water (mist) and all the love and attention it deserves.

Once you've learnt which growing medium they like and how to make up special grow bags, the rest is up to your imagination. Reishi needs an average temperature of 24°C and 75% humidity to thrive. How you achieve that is up to you. Whether you've bought pre-made bags of Reishi mycelium or you've made your own bags, once they are fully colonised, you remove the top of the bag and place it in your terrarium...and wait. 

There are many ways to grow the Reishi mushroom. Some cultivators grow Reishi in containers with little air-exchange so that the carbon dioxide levels stay high. This causes the mushroom to grow long and thin. This is called an "Antler". Other cultivators grow Reishi with very low carbon dioxide levels and plenty of fresh air. This allows the Reishi to grow into a fan shape called a "conk" or bracket. Our personal favourite is to first allow the mushroom to grow tall, then into a conk by first increasing the carbon dioxide level then reducing it after a few weeks.

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