How does the NEMBA Alien Invader Species Regulation affect you?

Do you know how the new NEMBA Alien Invader Species Regulations affect you?

Invasive species are controlled by the National Environmental Management Biodiversity act,2004(Act no. 10 of 2004)Alien and Invasive Species(AIS) Regulations which became law on 1 October 2014

A property that contains invasive species is a liability to the buyer and could affect your property value. The National Environmental Management Biodiversity Act (NEMBA) regulations state that. “The seller of any immovable property must, prior to the relevant sale agreement, notify the purchaser of the property in writing of the presence of listed invasive species on that property”. There are 4 categories of invasive species that need to be controlled, managed ,eradicated or complied to  via a permit. Properties larger than 10 000 square meters need an Invasive Species Management programme. A copy of the Declaration of invasive Species  need to be lodged with The Compliance Officer, Biosecurity Directorate, Department of environmental affairs.

Inspectus  is an accredited invasive species practitioner to help with declarations, permits and compliance consultations. Contact us when you sell your property.

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Why do we need these regulations?

-To protect the seller from a civil law suit by the buyer.

-Invasive species are placing strain on our water resources in an already water scarce country.

-Where invasive species occur wild fires burns 4 times hotter that indigenous fires, contributing to huge economic losses and global warming.

-Bees prefer to pollinate invasives species ,putting our indigenous plants under threat

-Invasive species interbreed with indigenous species and could cause extinction or serious bio diversity problems.

- Invasive species could decrease your property’s value, due to high cost of controlling them.

-It is the right thing to do. Let us save this beautiful country’s rich natural inheritance.

30 Jul 2015

By Kassie Booysen