Glencairn labyrinth, Simon's Town

Due to the fire that swept through and destroyed much of the Glencairn labyrinth in January 2017, we are looking for donations of the following plants... Please help!

Please, we are looking for the following plants to be donated to Rotary Youth Camps Glencairn for the ROTARY LABYRINTH GLENCAIRN.

Coleonema album confetti bush
Muraltia spinosa tortoise berry skilpadbessie
Helichrysum petiolare everlasting kooigoed
Searsia crenata ( Rhus crenata ) dune crowberry
Searsia lucida ( Rhus lucida ) glossy crowberry
Eriocephalus africanus wild rosemary kapokbossie
Leonotus leonurus wildedagga
Salvia africana-lutea brown sage
Salvia africana-caerulea blue sage

Thanks for your contribution, much appreciated. I am willing to fetch or you are welcome to visit and bring.

Koos Burger, 083 4840294

Glencairn Labyrinth

16 Jan 2020