Control of alien invader black wattle - dasineura rubiformis.

Dasineura rubiformis

The release time for Dasineura rubiformis starts NOW !!! (July 2015)

It’s a midge that prevents black wattle from setting seed. It has taken off like a rocket in
release sites and is fast becoming one of the most important aspects of black wattle control.

It would be great if we could get the midge firmly established in the Southern Cape so
please come and pick up some galls from the GRBG nursery. They will be delivered every
Monday and Wednesday for the next 3 weeks. It’s easy to release (see instructions plus other
info attached) and so effective it really is a crime NOT to do it.
And it is FREE !!!!


Dasineura rubiformis
1. Empty the bag of galls in the shade underneath a mature wattle tree
2. Ensure that there is not too much dust from passing traffic
3. Ensure that the tree will remain in place for 2 – 3 years from date of release
4. Take GPS co-ordinates of the release site and send to Fiona Impson at
5. If possible take photographs of the release site and note the surrounding vegetation,
aspect and soil.

Queries :- Pam Booth 082 875 0342

Compiled by Marè Collett, Garden Route Botanical Garden, 49 Caledon Street, George
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